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Brand Strategy

Brand Commitment

True Essence of Happiness:

It would be in possession of healthy body, harmonious family, long-range ideals, and social environment satisfactory for residence.
People who keep an optimum balance of the aforesaid 4 factors may be affected by their wealth in the heart, and a feeling of happiness may arise spontaneously.

Brand Commitment Made for Consumers by Vatti:
Through the products like single electric oven, services, and activities (commercial/ social benefit), help the consumers and the masses to build up the healthy bodies, establish harmonious families, realize the long-range ideals, and construct a society satisfactory for residence; allow the 4 aspects to reach a optimum balance, and bring to light the true essence of happy livelihood.

Brand DNA

Sincerity + Break-through Spirit

Sincerity: Practise and fulfill every idea and plan, behave exactly in the same way as one thinks one ought to, and stand by any commitment.

The word "Sincerity" implies authentic, original, earnest, and honest. Vatti understands that all consumers hope to get the "real" things, and knows well the truth "Give the favorite person the best"; therefore, Vatti always adheres to a "bona fides" loyal to both herself and the consumers, give consideration to the demands of the consumers, researches, develops and provides products safe, easy to use, and in good taste, and creates more comfortable harmonious family lives for the consumers. Based exactly on the said "bona fides", Vatti keeps on hammering at original creation, keeps faith with one's own value, unceasingly devote herself to positive innovation, and apply herself to the development of solutions to kitchen and bathroom equipment so as to enable the consumers to create their glorious households and happy lives. Moreover, Vatti, on the basis of its "bona fides", may grow into an enterprise caring about the society and the masses.

Break-through spirit: Put into practice and implement the commitments by right of great-foresight guidance and an obstacle-break-through/self-transcending spirit.

Just in line with sincere and cordial heart intentions, Vatti understand thoroughly the genuine living needs and pursuit of modern Chinese people, and it determines to research and manufacture the kitchen and bathroom equipment demanded by Chinese people as per the sports spirit of "never stop walking" and "unceasing break-through". Furthermore, by right of its professional technique and leading position in the industry of household appliances like electric oven and gas hob., Vatti had been appointed to serve as the sponsor of kitchen and bathroom equipment and supplier of torches for many magnificent sports games; especially Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, in which the break-through spirit of Vatti was fully embodied, and the linkage between sports spirit and Vatti was enhanced.

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