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Culture of Vatti

Vatti's Culture

Over the past 19 years, as a Chinese famous manufacturer of electric oven, gas hob, etc.,Vatti always adheres to its core value of corporate culture i.e. "Good faith, responsibility, innovation, and win-win", acts on its management theory i.e. "Never be content with things as they are so as to create the maximum values for the consumers and the benefit community", and keeps on transcending and fast development.

Vatti College

Vatti College, which was established on July 30, 2003, is an internal training organization of Vatti Corporation Limited (hereafter referred to as Vatti). The college is established on the basis of active demands for qualified personnel required for the rapid development of the enterprise and in a background that the Company energetically set up its learning-type organizations. The College serves as a base for personnel training of Vatti, and is a cradle where learning-type organizations may grow up.

"Development of qualified personnel is superior to the development of the enterprise" is a qualified-personnel concept held by Vatti, and it is also a teaching idea of Vatti College. Vatti College offers corresponding training courses for staff of various specialties and at all levels so as to unceasingly enhance the ability of the employees, and perfect the knowledge structure of the staff. Meanwhile, Vatti College constantly serves the suppliers, distributors and customers as well, such that the benefit community of Vatti may be unceasingly promoted in order to realize hand-in-hand progress and recompense the society jointly. Vatti College is located at the headquarters of Vatti, and it is equipped with advanced multimedia teaching facilities, spacious and comfortable academic environment, and the complete software resources for training and teaching. At present, the College has over 30 internal lecturers covering all specialties, it has established partnerships with many famous universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhongshan University, South China Institute of Technology and several well-known consultation/training organizations, and it has engaged over 20 part-time lecturers. Among them, diathesis training camp, which is one of the light spots of Vatti College, keeps in improving the diathesis of the internal employees, and also assist the suppliers and distributors to grow up constantly.

Vatti College serves as a platform not only for qualified personnel training, but also for propagating the corporate culture and managerial skills. The "Vatti College Management Forum" held regularly allow everybody to deeply understand the corporate culture of the Company, to carry out active and comprehensive exchange and discussion of the advanced managerial skills, and to devote intelligence and strength to the promising future of Vatti.

We believe that in the near future, Vatti College will not only train more and more outstanding qualified personnel for Vatti, but also explore a brand-new developing road for personnel training and corporate culture construction of the Chinese Household Appliances Enterprise.

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