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History of the Brand

In 1992, Vatti took the lead among the non-governmental enterprises and introduced CI successfully
The successful introduction of CI, with the standard green style and the succinct image of "Vatti" blew a green hurricane in the gas appliance industry, and the said introduction took the lead among the non-governmental enterprises at that time.

On September 1, 2002, Vatti won the title of "Chinese Famous-brand Products"
China famous brand strategy promotion committee made public in Beijing that: The gas water heaters manufactured by Vatti were rated as "Chinese Famous-brand Products". On September 1, 2004, the gas hobs won the title of "Chinese Famous-brand Products";

In April of 2005, Vatti initiated the establishment of public welfare brand
On April 7, 2005, Vatti, the leading enterprise in the Chinese kitchen and bathroom equipment industry held in Chengdu an opening ceremony for "Star Light Plan" 580 Project. Meanwhile, Vatti and China Youth Developing Foundations made an agreement to jointly set up "Vatti National 1+2 Red Scarf Pupils-aiding Fund", and the "1+2 Red Scarf Pupils-aiding Project" was formally started.

In July of 2006, Vatti was rated as "Chinese Industrial Significant Brand"
On July 11, 2006, China Brand Research Institute announced a List of 145 Industrial Significant Brands of China, in which the household gas cooking utensils like gas hobs and gas ovens manufactured by the Company were enrolled in. The list emblemizes that Vatti evolve as a qualified leader of the industry. The Industrial Significant Brands of China are known as the supreme honored brands in corresponding industries. In accordance with the assessment procedures for industrial significant brands announced by China Brand Research Institute, only the brands, which are already entitled as Chinese Well-known Marks or China Famous-brand Products, are qualified for the assessment. The annual production and sales volume of gas cooking utensils such as gas hobs and gas ovens manufactured by the Company exceeds 2,000,000 sets, and the production and sales volume stands first on the list in China for 10 consecutive years, which was rated as Chinese Famous Brands in 2004. The brand of the Company is claimed to be the first brand of Chinese cooking utensils, and as a matter of face, is a banner of the gas cooking utensils in China.

In June 2007, Vatti started using its new logo.
Brand propaganda: "Authenticity really means happy life".

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