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Industrial Design Contest

Vatti Industrial Design Contest not only advocates the design theories that are leading in China, but also unceasingly introduces the thoughts and prevailing customs from the foreign countries. It keeps on a deepened cooperation with over 300 well-known industrial  design educational institutions both at home and abroad. Over 2000 students take part in the Contest every year. Thousands of works are received every year. The Contest is unprecedented among the manufacturing enterprises in China, and numerous news media pay close attention to the Contest. Of which, the domestic first-line media such as CCTV, BTV, First Financial, Beijing News, Beijing Times, Beijing Evening, Fashion Home, Ruili Home Furnishing, Weekend Pictorial, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Business, Sina Web, Yeah, Tengxun Network, etc. keep on follow-up report. The design websites well-known in China, like electric hobs Design Online, ART365, China product innovation design network, etc. even start special subjects in order to represent the dynamic status of the Contest in an omni-directional mode.

The Contest lays stress on giving prominence to the designers' pamper imaginations on the future, pays close attention to the creative theories in the field of products innovation, recurs to the works design to allow the masses to recognize the products and brands of Vatti and to comprehend the future development tendency. Many design elites actively show their intentions and intelligence to Vatti, and assist Vatti to explore the prospective direction and solutions for the products.

For the Contest, an appropriate administrative organization is set up. A Contest Organizing Committee including project managers, customer managers, contest secretary, designers, and public-relation assistant directors is established. The product planning manager Mr. Pan Xing from Vatti simultaneously serves as the secretary-general of the organizing committee to overall control the quality of the Contest. The Organizing Committee has invited the well-known specialists and professors domestic and international to make up a specialized evaluation committee. The president Vatti, Huang Qijun serves as the honorary director of the evaluation committee. Mr. Lu Xiaobo from Tsinghua University and Mr. He Renke from Hunan University hold the post of the director of the evaluation committee. He Weijian, a director and the general manager of the Olympic Brand Strategy Center of Vatti, and Du JianJun, the CIDF Executive Chairman serve as executive directors of the evaluation committee. The high-grade evaluation supervision mechanism assures the quality and fairness of evaluation.

The First Vatti Water Heater Industrial Design Contest was formally commenced in Shanghai on March 25, 2006, and the evaluation and medal awarding conference was held in the Capital of Designers i.e. Shenzhen Chinese Overseas Town on September 30 of the same year. The evaluation and medal awarding conference for the Second Contest was held in the sacred place for intentions i.e. Beijing 798 Intention Garden on September 29, 2007. The evaluation seminar of the Third Contest was held in the Art Museum of The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts on November 15, 2008. Through the consecutive activities, the organizing committee has established cooperative linkage relationships with over 300 design universities and colleges domestic and international, and is kindly supported by the universities in Germany, South Korea, and Japan, etc. The organizing committee has established close cooperative relationships with the universities and colleges that take the lead in industrial design in China, such as Tsinghua University, Hunan University, Tongji University, and Zhengzhou light industrial college, etc. During relevant activities, the organizing committee goes deep into the universities and colleges to carry out guidance and interaction about technical requirements for industrial design together with the teachers and students, so as to improve the creation level of designers with the aid of direct idea exchanges.

On July 30, 2009, Vatti and Lenovo Creative Design Center took the industrial gas cookers design Contest as a subject platform, concluded and signed an agreement on strategic cooperation. Vatti Creative Design Forum was set up when adequate bearing and demonstration capacity were accumulated. The Fourth Vatti Industrial Design Contest was held in the premise of Vatti on October 28 2009. The domestic industrial design specialists, design elites, and major media come to Vatti Corporation Limited from different places to probe into the path and perspective of design and innovation of kitchen and bathroom equipment industry, and to witness the great ambition of Vatti for revitalization of design. The superiors of Vatti spoke favorably of the Design Contest, made inquiries with the industrial experts into the future direction and value break-through of the Contest. The product tactics of Vatti and the direction and modes of the Design Contest were further made definite, the values were deeply recognized, and new opportunities and spaces were therefore obtained.

In the activities of the Fifth Design Contest, the culture bearing will be further implemented. The Almanac of Vatti Industrial Design (Volume 2010) will be formally published when the activities of the Fifth Design Contest are fulfilled. All award-winning works in the Vatti Industrial Design Contest held in 4 consecutive years will be collected in the said Almanac; therefore, the Almanac may present the past records of the history of Vatti industrial design, the records of progresses in kitchen and bathroom equipment industry, and the pamper imagination on idealistic essences about the future kitchens The Almanac will enable the creative culture of Vatti to receive more glistening tints and deep-seated connotations as a Chinese famous manufacturer of electric oven and other household appliances.

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