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Leader's Oration

I am filled with all sorts of feelings when I recollect the 18-year course of trials and hardship of Vatti Corporation Limited. Within only a brief period of time, Vatti has grown into a leading enterprise of cooking utensils industry in China from a former nameless small cooking utensils factory. Up to now, the production and sales volume of Vatti has continuously held a post of the highest one in China for 14 years, and Vatti has been developed into a major company specialized in kitchen and bathroom equipment that include the product series of over 500 varieties, such as built in ovens (elecctric oven, gas oven), gas hobs, gas water heaterscooker hoods, sterilizers, and cupboards.
Vatti marches unceasingly toward new levels by right of its strength and enterprising spirit. These successes are based on the corporate culture and creative marketing modes of Vatti, especially its unceasing pursuit of technological innovation, research and development during the last ten years in order to design and produce high-quality products.
At present, Vatti owns over 1000 marketing sites and over 2000 monopolized shops that are spread over the whole country, and the marketing channels are being consolidated and perfected constantly. The input and scale of technological research and development are kept in the highest flight in the industry. Vatti is now developing new products cooperatively with Danish CBD Industrial Design Company, based on which the core competitive power of Vatti takes shape. Focusing on the said core competitive power, Vatti devotes its mind to 4 major business fields i.e. kitchen appliances, integrated kitchens, industrial and commercial heating systems, and household heating systems, and opens up both the domestic market and overseas market.
In the past year, the financial storm indulged in willful persecution, and the domestic market was depressed. Vatti managed to make a breakthrough against the stream, launched attacks voluntarily, raced to control the first chance of the market, and fulfilled perfect marketing performance. Along with the perfection of ERP system and after-sale service system of Vatti, its lean production policy leads to perfect effects. Vatti is meant to approach step by step its objectives to grow into a leading brand in kitchen and bathroom equipment industry in China; to grow into a global powerful manufacturer and facilitator of kitchen and bathroom equipment; and to grow into an enterprise endowed with the globally highest competitive power and respected as a distinguished specialized enterprise by the masses and investors.
In the process of business development, Vatti always considers its community responsibility as an important component part of its corporate culture. Based on its numerous public activities, Vatti has already gained positive social influences, its unique corporate culture already takes shape, the cohesiveness of interest community of Vatti is promoted, and benign growth of its corporate culture is also enhanced.
In September 2000, Vatti provided a fund of several millions to support the first scientific investigation of Puruogangri Glacier conducted by the organizations from China, U.S.A., Russia, and Sweden. In 2005, Vatti, as an initiator in the industry, started a public welfare brand i.e. the Vatti 1+2 Red-scarf Pupil Financial Aiding Project, carried out pupil aiding activities in 5 provinces and autonomous regions successively; over 3000 impoverished pupils were financially aided. In 2006, with the publication of The Way of Vatti, the previous successes and experiences of Vatti were comprehensively summed up. On February 9, 2007, an activity namely Vatti - CCTV Olympic Games Household Ongoing, which was designed as the first Olympic Community/Household-Sports Show Activity in China, was formally started. On August 8, 2008, Vatti subsidized 10 "1+2" poor pupils to see the opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing Olympic Games. In 2009, Vatti donated for establishment of a primary school in the disaster area of Sichuan. The cause of the public good keeps on urging the elite teams of Vatti to create more social values that are exactly the ultimate goal of the enterprise.
Participating in the Olympic Games is the best embodiment that Vatti pursued the self-value in such a mode. The Olympic Games is an opportunity once-in-a-hundred-year. Since the date on which the first copy of application for Olympic cooperation was rendered in 2003, Vatti worked with perseverance to pursue Olympic Games for 6 years. Vatti was appointed to serve as an exclusive supplier of Beijing Olympic Games, undertook the manufacturing of torches for Beijing Olympic Games, and guaranteed the global Olympic Torch Relay. Through the whole journey, Vatti devoted herself to the Olympic Games, achieved enormous brand effects and good reputation.
If the successful holding of Beijing Olympic Games was likened to a milestone of prosperity of a nation, the Olympic torches were exactly the medals of Olympic Games, which were manufactured for the country by Vatti. Totaling 26,440 Olympic torches, over 8800 torch tests, and the torch relay of 137,000 kilometers lasting for 130 days, the torches stood the challenges of various harsh environments. The main torch tower was successfully lit on August 8, 2008. The "Propitious Clouds" torches made a record of Olympic torch quenching rate of 0.4%. Depending on the sacred quality mind of staff of Vatti, the torch quenching rate was safely restricted to a level that was considerably lower than that of all previous Olympic torches, and the torches manufactured by Vatti were regarded as the best Olympic torches and associated equipment in the history. That spirit will also be extended to all products and services rendered by Vatti.
The glory of Olympic has already been frozen into history, and Vatti was also subjected to an upgrade. Now, whenever foreign travelling traders pay visits to the Company, I will point to the Olympic torches and say proudly: "Made in China". The Olympic torches have lighted the passion and dreams of Vatti, and they will keep burning all the time. Vatti is now marching toward a new journey from a new level.
President of Vatti Corporation Limited.

Huang Qijun

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