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Group Purchase in Hangzhou

The 92nd Hangzhou Building Materials Group Purchase for Qijia Web started in Jinxiu hall of Hangzhou Jinyuan hotel 110 floor; activity time wa 09:00-18:00. As the Kitchen Appliance industry leading brand, Vatti also took part in the Group Purchase.
Near the Christmas and New Year, consumers purchase desire rise, also because the website promotion, on that day, on-site almost like rabbits in a warren by consumer, and Vatti booth is packed a large crowd. At this time, Hangzhou Vatti launched three sets of special products including electric oven, gas and electric range for the customer, excepted these, other all single product also have 10% discount besides original 35% discount, this attracted price attracted many customers to consult and buy.
gas and electric range manufacturer attended group purchase activity

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