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Enterprise Culture Builds Advanced Enterprise

Zhongshan Xiaolan town held commendation meeting for 2010 year publicity, culture working in Xiaolan Yongning Daguan hotel. In the meeting, Vatti was awarded "2010 Xiaolan Town Culture Construction Advanced Enterprise" title.
According to information, Vatti always pay more attention to the construction of enterprise culture, enterprise establish inside magazine "Vatti World" by oneself, published “Vatti way ", "Auspicious Clouds Legend” series enterprise culture books. In 2010, Vatti "1 + 2" red scarf projects come into Hubei Lichuan city, Sichuan, Daying county for donate activity; During the Asian Games in Guangzhou, held "I love the Asian games, pupils painting competition" let poverty pupil has the opportunity to watch the Asian games on the scene. In addition to charity, internal company also often organized competition, employee symposium, birthday party and other activities, and enriches staff amateur cultural life, but also enhance the enterprise staff's cohesion and centripetal force.
enterprise culture builds advanced single built in oven enterprise

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