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The visit of Jiang Jianqing

On April 15nd, the chairman Jianqing Jiang from ICBC come to Vatti and take part in the bank-enterprise conference organized by Xiaolan town government. The member who attended the symposium also including the CEO Wei GuoXiong、The Secretary of Xiaolan Town Party Huang BiaoQuan、The Deputy Town Chief of Xiaolan He Jianxiong、The Chairman of Vatti Huang Wenzhi、Vice President Guan Xiyuan、The Chairman of Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industries Co., Ltd Luo Jianhua、Guangdong Hengli Precision Springs Chairman Chen Huihong and other leaders and guests from all walks of life.
In the meeting, Huang BiaoQuan first makes a detail introduction for social economic development and planning of Xiaolan Town. Besides, Vatti Shares, Lanju Daily Chemical Industries Co., Ltd, Hengli Spring, Xiaolan Town association and other delegates also successively make a speech. Thereafter, Jiang Jianqing make a interactive communication with the enterprise representative in terms of the government and the people's livelihood project----- credit funds support and corporate finance issues which referred by local government, at the same time, Jiang Jianqing also make a recommendation for the emerging business which will be launched by ICBC in the future.
the meeting between ICBC chairman and Vatti -the electric range manufacturer

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