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Zhongshan Press Corps

On April 24 afternoon, the Zhongshan Daily, Zhongshan Television Station, Zhongshan Radio Station these three media make up the press corps, interviewed Vatti president Huang Qijun.
This year is the first year of "second Five Year Plan", Zhongshan municipal government make promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading as a "second five" an important task, the press corps chose Vatti and Xiaolan Dahua Intelligent Technology shares as representatives of business transformation and upgrading.
Huang Qijun emphases on Energy Collection Technical, as new arrive of Energy Collection Combustion technology, time to market is not long, and it has sold close to 200,000 units. Huang Qijun indicated: Vatti will promote the technology for application in order to let more people enjoy the benefits of new technologies and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society play a catalytic role, and also promote enterprise development, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
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