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National Minority Games

On May 15th, Guizhou, general manager of Vatti Gas Appliance Stock Co., Ltd. Mr. Tian Ziliang, be invited by the 9th Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Council (National Minority Games) organizing committee in floor 11th the provincial government new office building conference room, he meet with Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, Liu Xiaokai and discuss National Minority Games torch relay and other related matters. The two sides reach a consensus that Vatti sponsored National Minority Games Torch and sponsorship 600 torches, and the point of the brazier, pilot lights, and pass the process of providing technical support, Vatti will receive naming rights. August of this year, Vatti torch will be transmitted in Guiyang, Zunyi and other 9 cities (state, region), then, the fire of Vatti will light the whole National Minority Games.

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