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Popularize transformation

“The 2011 Annual Report Meeting about popularize transformation work planning by Vatti market promotion was held in Vatti college On April 24th .Chairman Huang Wenzhi and company leaders at all levels, the dealer and all members of the market promotion department attended this conference. In the Conference, they made a detailed summary and analysis for the beginning of the year, and the market promotion department was discussed to be separated to three groups, group one, group two and group three according to its function, which make each groups’ duty become more clear and definite.
During the last 3 years,the market promotion department has been growing very fast and has made a great achievement. In order to work more efficiently, the promotion department decided to reform at the beginning of this year, which focused on improving Vatti’s competition ability in the terminal brand, strengthening the professional market competition analysis of dealers and developing a more diversified promotion mode through update and popularization ideas that in line with Vatti’ distributor needs. At the same time, the"415 project" launch by our company later will be the first stage for market promotion group.

Vatti is the professional manufacturer of ovens, cooktops, gas water heaters, etc.

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