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Asian Games Torch Bearer Team

On Lantern Festival, Zhongshan City held its Million Parade For Charities, this year the team added the Asian Games torch Bearer teams, Huang Wenzhi, chairman of Vatti, Huang Qijun, president of Vatti and Asian Games Torch Bearer involved. It is understood that Million Parade For Charities has organized 24 sessions, the theme of this year is "universal love&happy spread million family", this charity activity have a total donation of RMB78,690,500 , the 24th charity activity hold a new record which the cumulative total of nearly RMB800 million donation.
According to other information, the Xiaolan annual charity activity held on February 26, Vatti 40 staff participated in this event, the total number of charity activity more than 3.3 million people and more than 600 million fund-raising. Vatti team wore the same T-shirt, pacemaker hold the Asian Games torch in high-profile parade.

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