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Love our home, Create our civilization

 Zhongshan law enforcement agencies of Xiaolan held a promise and signature meeting on June 18th morning which the subject was “love our home, create our civilization” in VATTI multi-function room. The aim of the meeting was doing our best to meet the job of “recheck of national urban civilization”, and improve the civilized consciousness of citizen. More than  500 staff representatives of Xiaolan law enforcement agencies and Vatti share took part in the meeting, the leader of Xiaolan law enforcement agencies, He Quanlan、deputy secretary of Xiaolan Party committee, Huang Fazhi and chairmen of Vatti share, Huang Wenzhi attended and made a speech in the meeting .Huang Wenzhi emphasized in the speech: “ Vatti share as a leading enterprise which has deep enterprise culture and sound orderly management system, employees love their life、their job and Vatti, we should take practical action to respond to the call of constructing civilized city.” Huang Wenzhi also appealed to all staff that starting from personal 、from minor things,  trying to influence around people 、being a law-abiding person, loving our homeland and eliminating all uncivilized behavior.

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