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Retired Teacher Visit Vatti

The afternoon of May 17, 30 retired teachers from Shiqi center elementary school tour to visit Vatti. Old teachers are accompanied by relevant staff, happily visited the torch hall, exhibition hall for products like gas cooktop and electric oven, Olympic Torch Collection Museum and other places.
In the torch hall, teachers are also seen many large-scale Games Torch which produced by Vatti, they are very excited, they praised incessantly for Vatti the torch burning technology leadership in technology, after understanding the clouds, and other torch shape design trends and use method, they are very excited, all have picked up the torch pictures taken photograph. In the Olympic torch museum collection, the old leaders appreciate the different countries, different periods of the torch charm, after know a lot of interesting story of the Olympic Games, they all pick up thumbs-up to praise Vatti the theme of the torch for industrial tourism project make people broaden their horizons.  

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