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New Employee Training

June 23 to 26, the Domestic Sales Department held its third phase of new employee training. There are 10 new employees participate in training which divided in three phases: the first phase is teaching training courses which cover the "corporate culture", "Division daily rules and regulations", "public manners", product knowledge(hob, built-in oven and gas water heater) and so on six contents; the second stage is expansion of training for the outdoor, employees active participants into teams and work together to complete each development project, not only display the team style, but also show the new blood’s spirit which will come in Domestic Sales Department; the third stage is training inspection, all employees participate in the Company's closed test, the test achieved 100% pass rate, testing average score is 76.15 .
This training introduced the team competition, joined the team expansion training, so that new employees enhance their diathesis and skills, in order to they can better and more quickly adapt to their jobs.
new employee training of single built in oven factory

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