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On April 22, the ambry installation expert , Liu Anxing, of Guizhou Vatti  caught a car accident on the way to dealing with after-sales, and confirm to be diagnosed of the left leg outer ankle crush fracture, there is about 10cm skin flesh organization and several crush sclerite diastasis from the body. Once Guizhou Vatti learned the news, they arrange people to pay the medical treatment cost for Anxing Liu in the first time, and deal with the related issues. After Anxing Liu caught the accident, medical treatment cost became the biggest problem of the family. Guizhou Vatti’s general manager Tian Ziliang, ambry manager Ling Liu give 1000 yuan respectively, after they got the news, other colleague also positive response, only the Sales Manager Department, After-sales Department, the Project Department, the Finance department, they donated more than 2900 yuan, other people are also actively to donate to hospital
On May 5th, Ziliang Tian together with several people came to hospital to see Anxing Liu. Ziliang Tian told Anxing Liu: during his hospitalization, salary will be issued as usual, the company will also help him deal with reimbursement problems of  medical treatment cost and hope him to keep ease to heal his wounds, and come back to his position when recovery. Sincere love is like a ray of sunshine into Anxing Liu’s heart, he tearfully said that he will be certain to cooperate with the treatment, try to recover at an early date and go back to work. 

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