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Annual the most innovative marketing star

June 31, 2011 (20th), Guangzhou Daily Chinese newspaper advertising awards festival marketing, creative ceremony and a grand ceremony held in Guangzhou. Vice president,Mr. Liuwei won honorary title “Annual the most innovative marketing star ". In the presentation, organizing committee said he was elected is that- Liu, cutting-edge for marketing innovation of this industry, initiator for new conception of kitchen consumer, to promote low-carbon demands of environmentally friendly products shaped stove sales break record 200,000 units, the main business income of $ 1.7 billion overall. As China's most influential newspaper advertising selection, the Guangzhou Daily newspaper advertising awards has entered the 20th year. This year, the continuation of "marketing festival +creation festival ", General Assembly propose annual theme "from the plane to the platform", in marketing festival added the creation of new media-festival awards particularly, the purpose is to echo the current development boom of all media platforms, to be closer to Chinese market trends.       

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