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Profusion Journey in Huizhou

June18th, "Profusion Journey--Huizhou" was organized by tourism association and the Party committee of Vatti, 50 members began a happy two-day journey in the morning with sunshine.
The first stop we arrived was the beautiful west lake, which was focus on with great passion in the mizzle. And then we went to Xunliao Bay with the feelings and thoughts which must agitate the heart with the raindrop and expected the sunshine and beach.  Because of the brilliant sunshine, the teammates dressed in the swimming suit as soon as possible, to have a close contact with the sunshine and sand beach. What beautiful scenery is it, just like a picture. We arrived at the TW gorge on the second day morning. Such a beautiful scenery, uncanny valley and beautiful bamboo corridor which made us linger for a long time. It must be mentioned was the water wars, we were enjoyed ourselves and laughed loudly. We showed our teamwork spirit in the water wars too. 
the journey in Huizhou of electric cooktop company staff

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