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Yoga training

On June 20th, the yoga association launched the annual first courses in the multi-function hall of the company’ second floor dining hall, mainly just as students training are for  women so the training set the slimming yoga, beauty yoga according to the special characteristics of office lady. Only in this way can let the student stretches the physique, beautify the posture and improving the self-cultivation.
More than 30 students who come from OvenCooktop department, etc. participate in this training are lack of exercising and sitting in front of the computer leads to loss of appetite, and many symptoms such as  having a pain in waist and shoulder, gradually waist, arms and legs becoming more and more fat, all of which let everybody unbearable. Yoga can let students to achieve a heath body and losing weight by specific practice, therefore, the students are especially serious in the practice process, and many students are indicated that bones and muscles got a relaxed feeling after practice.
Yoga training of employees in cooktop and oven factory

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