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Parent-child Sport Meeting

July 19th, the parent-child sport meeting was held by parent-child association as scheduled, members of association with enthusiasm and there were gathered more than 20 children. Some is all family general mobilization; some is two of the family. After a simple interactive, every kid go to find friends and distributed a Xiyangyang mask.
The first sport was parent-child passing. Kids and parents hugged each other and clip the glass ball in the chest, and the winner who's dribbling most within the specified time. Activity divided 10 groups and spot at full blast. And then is Father's day gift, firstly kids and fathers joined "on the same page"——father and son or daughter bared feet, children will foot on fathers' feet parallel shift, the winner is who will be the first go to end. And fathers were all won in this project.
The prize presentation made the activity upsurge, the first 3 kids of every project all won a prize, and other kids also received a souvenir. The last part is dinner party and sharing a cake of Father's day. After the activity, everyone said that they would like to more take part in this kind of activity and expecting the next parent-child activity. 
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