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Ways to Clean an Electric Oven


Are you often worrying about the greasy residue left on the electric oven? Do you often bake bread? Are you thinking of methods to clean the oven? Here are some useful tips for you to clean an electric oven.

Using ammonia is a practical and effortless way to clean an oven. At the beginning, you should let the oven warm to 65°C and then you put a bowl which contains 1/2 cup ammonia and a pan of boiling water. You should place the 2 things into the top and bottom self respectively. After that, you simply close the door and wait for the next morning. In the next morning, you let the oven air out after removing dish and pan. Finally, clean the oven with ammonia and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The electric oven will be clean after wiping with ammonia.

Newspaper is also a very practical tool to clean an electric oven. But remember you are not recommended to use a roll of paper towel on the flaky stuff. It is easier to clean it up with a few sheets of moistened, crumpled newspaper.

If some food bubbles over in the oven, don’t give a chance to let it cool. You’d better toss some salt on the food while it is still liquid. As the food gets cool, then you are able to wipe it out with a cloth. Salt plays an important role in this process. What’s more, not only the liquid, but also the odor can be removed by salt as well. If you like, you can put some cinnamon in with the salt, and the scent will be much pleasant.

Sometimes, you may find there are blackened grease on you broiler pan, and vinegar is a magic liquid to clean up you oven. You first soften the grease up with a solution of 1 cup apple vinegar and 2 spoons sugar. When the pan is still hot, put the mixture onto it and let it cool for an hour or so. You will see that the grime slides off with a light scrubbing in amazement.

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