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Low Carbon Dayun riding

In August 1st," Low Carbon Dayun torch Chinese line" cycling team of 6 people to visit Vatti, cycling team carrying the Games torch" Rainbow" returned to the home.
According to the introduction," Low Carbon Dayun torch Chinese line “is the only one of Shenzhen Universiade authorized private voluntary activities. The team will be in the riding process, the torch relay will be completed," Universiade" spirit to all parts of the country. Last year during the Asian Games in Guangzhou, they had participated in the Asian Games messenger" riding to six countries in Southeast Asia" and" riding China" and so on activities along the way to promote the Asian Games in Guangzhou and the low carbon environmental philosophy.
This activity with low carbon and green as its theme. The team is divided into 10 parts to Tibet, the northeast, the Pearl River Delta region in order to dissemination of Dayun spirit. The visit of emperor volunteer team after the end of Foshan, Zengcheng, came to Zhongshan. While the Vatti company is the team in Zhongshan city come stay only site visit.

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