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Trend of Kitchen


As a professional kitchen appliance manufacturer, we must always focus on the tendency of Kitchen.

So that the products we made are according with the future development tendency, and will be more popular in the market.

A kitchen remodel not only adds significant value to your house, but it can also improve your quality of life. If you are thinking of giving your outdated kitchen a much needed overhaul, it is important to consider current kitchen tendency. This will allow you to create a space not only pleases you and your family, but also appeals to prospective future buyers. Below you will find an over-view of the most current kitchen tendency that will help enhance your lifestyle and the value of your house.

1. The Sustainable Kitchen.

Eco-friendly is all the rage these days, but most notably in the kitchen where a few small changes can make a significant impact. You can use inexpensive recycled or natural materials such as recycled glass counter tops or formaldehyde-free bamboo for work surfaces and flooring. Convenient built-in recycling centers and food compositors can save space and make recycling simple. The overall idea is making the kitchen effortlessly eco-friendly so that being green isn’t a sacrifice, it’s just an easy part of your everyday life.

2. Multi-functional Convenience.

Since your kitchen remodel should focus on making life easier, multi-functional features are the way to go. Some examples of this tendency include sinks with accessories, such as built-in preparation boards, colanders, and/or drain trays. Storage that is both stylish and highly engineered can save you both space and frustration. Cupboard inserts and custom storage areas with adjustable dividers and pull out baskets are big value-adders. Some of today’s houses have appliances set on wheels or movable islands which allow you to easily rearrange the kitchen for convenient preparation, cleaning, and entertaining… which is not just multi-functional, but also kind of fun.

3. The High-Tech Kitchen.

Just like every other aspect of our lives, kitchens are featuring more technology than ever. A lot of this technology is focused on making the kitchen more enjoyable and adding a bit of the “wow” factor. From flat-screen televisions and computer-based entertainment systems to retracting ventilation hoods and gas burners, technology can make the kitchen more fun, convenient, and cool. The kitchen is both a social and functional space in the house. Small additions, like a small mobile device charging station, really illustrate this point. Imagine your family returning house in the evening, immediately plugging in their mobile devices, and congregating in the kitchen to catch up with each other.

4. The Fresh, foodie Kitchen.

The rising popularity of celebrity chefs and shows like Top Chef help demonstrate a cultural shift towards culinary appreciation and fresh food preparation. The result is the growing popularity of restaurant grade appliances and features that promote fresh, healthy food preparation. Commercial grade stoves are more popular than ever. Filtered faucets and refrigerators with multiple cooling and humidity settings for keeping food fresh longer are in demand. Copper sinks have made a comeback due to their rustic appeal and natural anti-bacterial properties. State of the art food storage and fresh herbs on the window still are easy, inexpensive ways to incorporate this tendency into your kitchen.

5. The Come-Back of Color and Shape.

Unexpected flashes of color and bold shapes are all the rage, and offer a nice juxtaposition to the earthy mellowness of the eco-friendly tendency. Colorful paint, tiles or back splashes add some punch to an otherwise monochromatic space. Vivid blues, oranges and corals are particularly popular. Stainless steel appliances are still accepted, but colorful appliances are more cutting-edge, and seem at once both modern and retro. Likewise, unexpected shapes – it could be anything from your windows to accessories purchased at the flea market - add interest and character to your kitchen space. The idea is to make the space fun and unique, but not obnoxious, so be careful to self edit if you find the color and shapes taking over.

Kitchen appliance was based on kitchen, so the tendency of kitchen appliance follows the tendency of kitchen every time.

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