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American Political & Commercial Delegation

       In the  afternoon of October 12th, the representative of American Political & Commercial Delegation Mr.Huang, Huaqing, along with his delegation came to  Vatti for the porpose of visiting and inspection. He's the current chairman of Ethnic Chinese Association from New York Hotel and his ancestral home also is Zhongshan. This journey includes visiting Taiwan, Hong Kong, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai and some places.
        The board chairman from Vatti Mr.Huang Wenzhi received Mr.Huang, Huaqing and his delegation warmly. Huaqing Huang was very interested in the history of enterprise development and how to manufacture the torch, so he asked several questions about the invention of the torch and tried to know more the development of the enterprise during the visit. After finishing the visit, he said that they were so proud of Vatti which came from his hometown Zhongshan, and he did hope Vatti can develop faster and better, it can tend toward the world and be known by more people in the world, and Zhongshan will be well-known also.

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