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The Jiusan society of Guangdong province came to visit

      Resently, the Jiusan Society of Guangdong Province has visited Vatti.Huang Biaoquan & Peng Zhihui, leader of Zhongshan city goverment, together with Huang Qijun, president of Vatti gave a warm welcome to them.
      Firstly, they came to the company's hall, contacting the torch closely. With the special design of Games for university students' torch, the leaders were attracted deeply and took photos with the torch to make this occasion. Then, they came to the product exhibition hall. With the introduction of commentator, they have experienced the harmonious concept of kitchen utensils into the home improvement. Meanwhile, they also learned about the direction of latest technology to gas appliance industry development. Facing it, they praised that vatti plays a benchmarking role in gas appliance industry of China. In the Olympic torch exhibition gallery, the collections of Olympic torch here made the guests thumbs up, and they praised that vatti use the torch as a theme of industrial tourism project. 

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