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Hengda Estate visit Vatti

       On September 21th, five members of Hengda Estate Group together with Purchasing Manager Zhao Jun inspect Vatti and integrated kitchen. Vatti integrated kitchen Vice Manager Zeng Zhixiang welcome Zhao Jun and other people, they want to understand the company's production capacity, production chain, equipment, etc., this result will directly affect the 2012 year Vatti electric kitchen partition and cabinets tender result. Zeng Zhixiang use professional knowledge to give a good interpretation of the Vatti brand and product advantages, which has identify from Hengda relevant representatives, the success of this study is the base for establishing long-term cooperation between Hengda and Vatti. The two sides had previous successful cooperation, Vatti contacts with Hengda at the beginning of 2011 and signed Kitchen&Electric purchase agreement.

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