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Types of Cooker Hood


Domestic and commercial kitchens have various layouts, so there are many different kinds of cooker hood for specific conditions and setups. In addition, cooker hoods use different operating concepts to filter kitchen air, with specific designs more suited to domestic than to industrial uses. The different types of cooker hoods are listed as follows:

(1) Under-cabinet hoods. A very common type of cooker hood is an under-cabinet hood, which is installed beneath a cabinet above a stovetop. These hoods generally require piping and tubing to exhaust fumes, smoke and gas outside of the building.

(2) Wall-chimney hoods. These hanging hoods attach to the ceiling or wall and then exhaust air outside. Wall-chimney hoods are generally mounted above stovetops where there are no cabinets.

(3) Island hoods. Similar to wall-chimney hoods, these hoods are installed where there is no cabinet structure. They are attached to the ceiling above island-style stovetops.

(4) Downdraft hoods. These hoods are often used above island-style stovetops, but they exhaust through piping air to the floor, where ducts suck air and filter it through floor piping.

(5) Ductless hoods. These types of hoods are mostly designed to trap grease and oil that enter the air above a stovetop. They do not filter air, but rather direct it back out into the kitchen for dispersal.

Extractor hood style allows for variations in installation, physical appearance and efficacy, but all hoods feature standard parts. An extractor hood maintains a skirt directly above the cooking surface that is at least as wide as that cooking surface. The skirt houses one particular or much more grease filters in front of a fan that sucks air in to the unit for ventilation.

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