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Choosing a New Kitchen Hood


How large should the cooker hoods be? Well, the cooker hoods should be at least as wide as your range for adequate coverage.

Your hood should match the range in finish and style. Your home's overall style will also play a part in choosing a hood that fits into your kitchen. Some very ornate hoods are decorative enough to serve as the focal point for the kitchen. Some are custom designed to blend in with the cabinets, barely making their presence known. You can find beautiful copper hoods to provide warm style and glow to a Tuscan, Country, or Southwestern style kitchen. Sleek, modern stainless steel designs give a contemporary, minimalist shine to a kitchen outfitted with the latest in stainless steel appliances. Wooden hoods embellished with carving or ornamentation look wonderful in a country, Mediterranean, or colonial home.

If on the other hand, you love nothing better than a stovetop filled with kettles and pans simmering and stewing, it is worth it to pay a bit more for a range that will be able to keep up with the steam, odor, grease and heat your culinary pursuits will create. Another consideration is noise. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, entertain in the kitchen, or have a very open floor plan, a noisy hood may prove to be such a distraction you never turn it on. In general, the more powerful the hood's suction, the more noise it will make. Higher end hoods are available with insulation for quiet operation, a feature that might be worth paying for if you spend a lot of time over a hot stove.

You might feel overwhelmed at all the options when choosing a new kitchen hood. The best choice for your kitchen will look compatible with your range, will complement your kitchen decor, will provide sufficient filtering and venting for your needs, and will be within your budget.


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