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Win-Win Cooperation

In Mar 23, the president and major of their leaders from a well-known brand enterprise, visited Vatti and looked for Win-Win Cooperation. They were hospitable received by Vatti president Huang qijun, general manager of international business division Wang zhongwu and sales manager of international business division Jiang zhigang.
Vatti president Mr. Huang introduced Vatti factory to our guests after 3 hours business meeting. Our guests showed great praises for our working condition, staff management and production technology. Moreover, they felt exciting when visited torch show room and took photos.
In Mar 24, guests joined the outdoor activity which was organized by international business division. This activity not only improves our friendship but also let they better realize hospitable, positive and united characteristics of Vatti’s person.
In the end of visit, an Olympic torch was handed over from Vatti president Mr. Huang to our guest president as a gift. That means the oversea career of Vatti will move forward to a new step.

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