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Categories and Principle of Electric Oven


What is an Oven?
The oven is often referred to an apparatus for cooking food with hot air or electricity, and it is generally closed or semi-closed structure. The way heated with hot air in an open form is called barbecue. The oven can also be used as a treatment means to use the hot gases from the high temperature. In the West, the oven is a common traditional family kitchen equipment, generally horizontal oven. In China Central plains area, traditional food and beverage industry is not for home use, and they are mostly <a href="http://www.vatti-china.com/ProductsType/Built-in-Ovens.htm">built in ovens</a>. The ovens are not common in ancient China, and it may be the result of insufficient fuel. Traditional ovens use wood, coal combustion for heating. Modern ovens usually multi-use electric or gas and they have automatic thermostat systems.

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Electric Oven Type
According to heating elements, electric oven can be broadly divided into three categories: one is the electric oven with selection of a far-infrared tube and a quartz heating tube, and it is the lowest end type in all the ovens. However, the basic oven functions can still be achieved, just because the bake the speed will be relatively slow. Therefore, it is more suitable for the general families as well as single family with an ordinary state of the economy but has the need to buy an oven. The other is the <a href="http://www.vatti-china.com/ProductsType/Electric-Oven.htm">single electric oven</a> with two far-infrared heating tube and a quartz tube. The characteristic of this type of oven is its faster heating speed. However, compared with the former, the price is slightly higher, generally more expensive than the former one.

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