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The New Era of Oven Innovation Leader of Chinese New Times


Oven has long been a kitchen essential electrical appliance in Europe and the United States and other advanced countries, but because of the cultural differences in diet, the oven in the popularity of the road in the past two years has just started with the development of the whole cabinet. Asymptotically with the end of 2012, many domestic electrical appliances company launched its oven, and steam box series 2012 strategic new products, which the oven new products of this year is including a full touch smart digital electric oven and the European Classical oven designed for supporting the production of solid wood cabinets. The international leading technology, the design suitable for Chinese eating habits and coupled with the appearance of the fusion of fashion elements, get praise and appreciation from all walks of life of the cabinet, the electrical industry elites, they have unanimously optimistic about the Vatti will lead the Chinese kitchen into steaming and baking new era, becoming the first brand of China's many <a href="http://www.vatti-china.com/ProductsList.htm">oven brands</a>.

www.vatti-china.com is a professional company mainly specialized in the production and sales of household appliances such as electric built in ovens, gas hob, electric hob, gas water heater and cooker hood, investment of self-possessed assets of the enterprise and imports and exports.

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