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Stable Development of Gas Stove Market


The Future Development Direction of Gas Stoves
With the implementation of the new national standard in 2008, as for the safety of the gas stove, many brand companies have done very well, now enterprises paid more attention to energy saving and environmental protection products. In the era of advocating low-carbon energy, any kind of home appliances trends seem to be inseparable from the word "energy saving", this is true of the large energy-consumption gas stove, gas stoves future development direction is energy-saving and environmental protection.

<a The Smooth Development of Gas Stove Market
The data shows that in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the retail volume of China built in ovens is 13.91 million, 12.72 million and 13.05 million units, retail sales were 7.36 billion RMB, 7.676 billion RMB and 9.118 billion RMB. Domestic retail sales of gas stoves in the first three quarters of 2010 reached 7.67 billion RMB, an increase than the same period in 2009, 6.54 billion RMB in scale, expects the full year of 2010 will reach 100 billion RMB. The first three quarters of 2010, the volume of retail sales, retail sales grew 6.61% and 17.23%, the growth rates have reached a new high of the past three years. The third quarter of 2010, subject to the real estate market suffered the impact of the regulation, the overall growth rate of the gas stove industry has a downturn, but the market still keeps stable growth in the full year. From the point of view of brand constitutes, the brands occupy a larger market share of the kitchen electric company are the companies of brand advantage and professional R & D strength, this trend is more evident in the high-end market.

China Gas Stove Exports Trade
On the export aspect, many Chinese gas stove brand exports mainly to West Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America and other regions. The main export products are built in gas oven, which accounts for 60% to 70% of total exports. As with other kitchen electric products, domestic brands have been dominated by the market dominance of the gas stove. This is mainly due to the kitchen electric products demand is directly related to the consumer market in the local diet and cooking habits. Europe and the United States eating habits prefer more light class diets, low temperature and a smaller amount of fumes, and traditional Chinese cooking habits prefer fire frying over high heat for stir-fry, a large amount of instant fumes, so the kitchen electric products functional requirements are not the same. Most of China's household electrical appliance enterprises design and functionality is often difficult to meet the requirements of domestic cooking and it is difficult to give full play to the comprehensive competitiveness, but domestic brands have obvious advantages.

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