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Leading of Electric Oven Drives China's Oven Market


China Electric Oven Market
As the popularity of McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut and other Western-style fast food in the country, barbecue food culture is accepted and loved by more and more people. And so the oven has become one of the kitchen necessities in so many modern families. But as the exotic products, traditional electric oven is basically made according to the features and designs of Westerners habits and it differs significantly from the Chinese eating habits, which is the oven in China has not been the root cause to open bigger markets. According to industry watchers analysis, Electric oven brands business is booming in the past two years, the key lies in the R & D strength of big brands intervention. In 2008, as the industry leading enterprise of the global electric oven, as the top priority of Vatti oven develops the suitable ovens according to the cooking habits of Chinese, and this set off a strong "wind" in the oven market in China.
built-in oven

Vatti Electric Oven Features and Performance
Reporters found in the mall that, Vatti launched the domestic-oriented new Electric Oven. They have the process of transformation and functions on the original barbecue techniques, but also adds a lot of unique utility function and new accessories for the Chinese diet flavor. The unique "Chinese-style" grilled cage is not only suitable for baking tea, herbs, roasted peanuts, chestnuts and other nuts and it can also be used to make our products more in line with the daily habits of domestic consumers, these useful features and accessories are from Vatti. Also it is introduced that, Vatti novel oven can be also used to make bacon food smoked sausage, smoked food timber required and can effectively control the ignition, so that the wood aroma effective integration into the food at the same time to protect the nutritional health. Vatti oven crafts into the Chinese elements, such as the use of red piano paint panel, simple and elegant design, a change in the traditional oven static black-gray appearance.

Consumer Groups of Electric Oven
In the past, the main consumer group of electric oven is the housewife of large and medium-sized cities who want to pursue a good lifestyle, now vigorously push forward as the leading brand of fashion, the avant-garde young, unmarried white-collar workers have joined the Oven fans clan, a strong driving force for the rapid development of China oven market. Adapt to changes in consumer demand, Vatti developed a "chameleon" series of patented products. This new electric oven baking unique professional vertical design, especially with professional rotating baking sheet and vertical grill for dietary preferences, select the large pieces of food baking, multi-layered roasted, grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled many combinations barbecue shrimp, roasted corn, skewers, etc.; the unique overhead Q disk, but also allows users at home easy to enjoy delicious DIY barbecue, free to choose teppanyaki, Korean barbecue, and other grilled specialties.

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