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Introduction of Gas Oven


What is a Gas Oven?
Gas oven is a sealed electrical appliance used to bake food or dry products, and it can be divided into household appliances and industrial ovens. Home oven can be used to process some pasta, such as bread, pizza, egg tarts, biscuits and other snacks. Some oven can be used to roast chicken. And it can make the food usually fragrant. Industrial oven is mostly gas electric oven which is a device used to dry products, also known as oven drying box for the industry.

Household Gas Oven Category
The home gas oven can be divided into a desktop small oven and built in gas oven two kinds. Desktop small oven is a transitional product. It is the product bought after people have a certain understanding and pursuit for the oven, but as a try before buying a product. Desktop oven can do some simple baking, but less power, poor sealing, poor insulation, temperature control and are not allowed to gradually be eliminated. Built-in Ovens the small oven upgraded and Ultimate Edition. Because of its large power, quick baking speed, good sealing, insulation, accurate temperature control, it is loved by more and more people. Due to the pursuit of health at the same time, food additives excessive outside the cake shop, more and more middle-class families began to notice this problem, and eating their baked food. Home built-in oven prices are relatively high, generally the imported is in the previous seven or eight thousand million, and the domestic brands are about seven or eight thousand.

Industrial Gas Ovens
Industrial gas oven is made by stainless steel, cold steel, angle steel production, surface recombination paint, studio quality structural steel production. Silicate fiber is padding between the shell and studio shell and studio. After forming an oven, a heater is mounted on the bottom, top or both sides according to the actual situation. Temperature control instrumentation with digital smart table, use the PT100 for temperature control! Digital meter with temperature sensor connection to control temperature, hot air circulating air, and hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal and vertical. It is confirmed by the accurate calculation, the wind source is the use of re-circulating heated air intake duct through the heater blower motor operation, driven by wind wheel, hot air to the duct and into the oven studio will use wind source, so it can effectively improve the temperature uniformity.

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