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The Development of Infrared Gas Oven


First, the initial stage of the development
Before 1980: the structure is simple and the function is single
Before the 1980s, the development of the gas industry in China is still relatively backward, and the city gas penetration is very low, only more than ten per cent, there is almost no one using the gas in the vast rural areas. At that time, the gas stove in its infancy (before 1980), and the product structure is simple with single function. Previously, for the gas appliances, there is only the most simple gas stove in every family, and the product structure is also very simple. Stove surface materials are mostly cast iron with surface plating or spray treatment without the electric ignition and the process was in a relatively primitive state. And there was no various oven brands for us to choose.

Second, the development stage
1980-1990: the durability and reliability obtained a substantial incensement.
After 1980, with the deepening of reform and opening, the market economy was also rising and a wide range of gas appliances abroad have entered China and the gas appliances production enterprise soared to nearly a dozen type of business, in addition, the gas company also develop s from a single development type to the state-owned, collective, private and other enterprises, well-known foreign gas appliance manufacturers are also looking for partners in China, so the product quality and appearance of gas appliances have also been fundamentally changed, and the varieties and functions of the  gas electric oven are also changing. During this period, the panel, combustion system, the ignition device had also been improved. Cold plate spray was used in the panel material, the burner take the use of the cast iron burner, surface plating or spray zinc processing, ignition device uses the piezoelectric electronic ignition, which increase firing rate, the durability and reliability of gas stoves have been improved.

Third, a breakthrough stage of the gas oven
1992-2006: variety increased and styles were various.
After 1992, China and the world economy had entered a rapid development stage. Gas and gas appliance industry has entered a period of rapid growth. The introduction of foreign advanced gas appliance manufacturing technology development brought about a breakthrough in China gas appliance. The varieties of domestic gas increased with fashionable, the security measures were enhanced, material, function and performance are all improved. In production quality and reliability, and the level of technology, automation and degree of intelligence, performance indicators, energy-saving and environmental protection, safe use are also improved. The stove cast iron is substantially eliminated. The surface of stainless steel panel is sprayed with non-stick the oil coating materials, glass panel occupies an important position in the cooker and the ceramic panels is also unique in recent years.

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