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Methods to Clean the Oven


First, cellulose acetate, acrylic, Carpet (synthetic or wool), modified acrylic, nylon, polyolefin fibers, polyester, rayon, silk, spandex, triacetate fibers and wool fabric.
Remove stains in the gas electric oven with a sponge dipped in cold water, the upcoming wet sponge pad, gently wipe stains middle of the outer edge. If the stain is still there, on the stain a few drops of the acidic liquid (such as lemon juice, white vinegar, or a concentration of 10% acetic acid solution) in and. Then sponge dipped in cold water, thoroughly clean the stain Department. Oven cleaners will corrode silk and wool fabrics, in dealing with both fabric stains promptly.

Second, acrylic plastic, aluminum products, asphalt, ceramic, glass / tile, cork flooring, linoleum, paint (matte or glossy), resin, glass, polyurethane material, vinyl paint, vinyl flooring, vinyl wallpaper
Carefully wipe with a cloth dampened with cold water. Re-use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface.
Third, bluestone, brick, concrete, stone, tile and terrazzo
The soap bubble-like substance will leave in some oven cleaners, which is almost impossible to remove, so dissolve the soda in water, making a high concentration of soda solution. Then, rinse the single electric oven with water and dry.

Fourth, cotton and hemp
Rinse fabric with cold water (by smear detergent, the part of the dye and detergent residue cleansed) until the stains are all cleared. And it should be washed as soon as possible. And white vinegar, lemon juice and other acidic substances are not available on these fabrics.

Fifth, leather and suede in the cleaning of oven
Mix a solution of mild soap and lukewarm. Stir them vigorously, to produce large amounts of foam. Quickly dip a sponge into the soap bubble to clean oven cleaner stains. Gently wipe off the entire remaining oven cleaner.

Sixth, wallpaper
It should be quickly and carefully to process the stains on the wallpaper, because the dissolution of the chemical composition of the sticky for wallpaper glue may be dissolved by the oven cleaners. Clean with a sponge dipped in warm water. Gently wipe the stain to remove stains. Back and forth repeatedly wipe the stain to prevent dirty pattern on the wallpaper. Finally, gently dry wallpaper with a clean and dry cloth.

Seventh, wood products in the cleaning of oven
Due to some oven cleaning agent will dissolve away the finish of the wood surface, so it needs to wipe the stain quickly. Wipe stains with a cloth or sponge dipped in cold water. Then, dry it with a soft cloth. In order to prevent causing permanent damage, the polishing or waxing should be added on the surface immediately. Oven cleaner can be regarded as the extraordinary efficiency for cleaning the oven inner wall, but it will put a big mess elsewhere. And these tips can help remove stains complete oven cleaning tasks at the same time, it will not damage other kitchen utensils.

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