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Various Network Promotion for the Oven


Post the articles about electric oven online
At that time, the domestic consumers rarely know electric oven, and few users. With the continuous integration of the domestic economy and Hong Kong and Taiwan, in the year of 2000, a large number of entrepreneurs in Taiwan and Hong Kong moved to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other major cities. Their arrival not only stimulated the local investment, but also affected the mainland food culture and consumer markets. For example, many housewives have the habits of making baking cakes, cookies and other snacks by themselves. Therefore, they became the first batch of domestic consumers buy the Electric Oven .These overseas housewives have higher level of knowledge, and plenty of time. They will make cakes and other food for the family to taste, and they also brought their own experience in the production to the Internet, and introduced to their friends, causing the concern of many users online. The content of these posts consist the food production process, gourmet recipes, and the most important is that they are also particularly marked control method in the cooking with eclectic oven, such as temperature control. So they find a kind of feeling of enjoyment by cooking with this modern equipment. It can be said, the oven is nurtured through the market culture of network baking.

Blog show
In 2002, other tools -- blog rose on the network, and it became the carrier for housewives and office ladies to show their cooking. Many housewives will surf the Internet regularly, and writes the process of making a new cuisine to share with other people, including the baking food with the oven. It can be said that from the years 2002 to 2005, the blog was the second stage of nurturing the oven online market. In order to meet the market, it began to enter the ground stores, especially department stores in the East and South China cities.

E-commerce of the electric oven
In 2007, the network gave the new opportunities for the development of oven built in ovens, and that is online shopping. The network makes a lot of young consumers know the modern equipment, and gradually accepted the baking culture. In order to meet the modern pursuit of convenient shopping, online shopping has become a channel for the urban family to purchase electric oven.

The promotion in the microblog
In 2010, the microblog was popular. At this time, many brands have opened their official micro-blog to make the brand and product promotion. A variety of ingredients which is difficult to buy in the ordinary supermarket can be purchased in Taobao, which promote the development of elcetric oven market from the side.

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