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Built in Ovens in China


Space-saving Built-in Oven
The kitchen area in general families is not too big, if you want to place the hood, stove, disinfection cabinet, microwave, steamer, oven, refrigerator, rice cooker and other common kitchen appliances in the small kitchen, which makes the already cramped space more crowded, so how to do with this? Vatti for the first time to introduce the Chinese embedded steam box into common kitchen, and it has become the market mainstream products and gets great concern. As an optimized solution of kitchen space, the built-in kitchen appliance is becoming one of the oven brands for more and more consumers. Industry experts predict that, China will usher in a rapid growth momentum in 2013 with the market share of the built-in kitchen electric appliances, this is the trend. Moreover, built-in oven also brings consumer the whole set of full visual experience.

A little Touch for the Start of Built-in Oven
No need to press the switching, and you just need a finger stroking, and then you can finish the instant cook. This is not the imagination of kitchen. As the leader of the domestic high-end kitchen electric devices, Vatti O-Touch lighting system 24 Inch Built In Ovens products can easily achieve the above operation. On behalf of Vatti for electric kitchen brands, the product of intelligent applications have increased, making the 2013 touch oven become one of the highlights of the fashion trends. With the wide spread of modern technology in the field of consumer goods, as well as the increase in consumer demand for the product humane, intelligent classic design has become a high-end kitchen electric products. Some experts predict that, in 2013 under the influence of pursuit of kitchen electrical design, the futuristic touch technology will be used to a large number of applications among the kitchen electrical products. Steam box of VattiO-Touch oven series are about to make the block glass panel play a large touch-screen interface, together with the eye-catching orange O-light touch buttons, the slight finger tap will be able to complete the operation, so it is very convenient.

Low-carbon Energy-saving Built-in Ovens
Currently, as for behavior of users to buy kitchen appliances, the relevant apartment makes a survey, and according to survey data, 50% of users believe that the trends of kitchen appliances are energy saving and environmental protection. With the rapid rise of the water, electricity and gas and other energy prices, money that consumer spends in the energy consumption of resources continue to increase, and kitchen electric products, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and electricity and other energy consuming, so the kitchen electric companies have launched flagship energy saving products, for example, currently on the market, the Vatti built-in ovens are not only save water but also saves energy.


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