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The Best Integrative Communication

From December 14 to December 15, the 10th anniversary of the 2012 China Marketing Festival and Chinese Enterprise Marketing Innovation Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the "Sales and Marketing" magazine, were successfully held in Beijing. With the Internet becoming much closer to every aspect of our lives, the traditional marketing model has already failed to meet the rapidly growing business needs, and the emerging network marketing enables marketers to create more miracles. Facing so many brilliant network marketing cases, “Sales and Marketing" firmly grasped the opportunity, launching the first “Oranges Cup” network marketing case competition. The purpose of the competition is to explore the benchmarking network marketing case and reward the marketing people or marketing agents, who make great contributions to the development of network marketing and push forward the progress of China’s network marketing. By “VATTI • Happiness China” - the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech photography competition, VATTI was awarded the Best Integrative Communication Award of 2012 “Orange Cup” network marketing case competition. And by means of communication in new media age, “VATTI • Happiness China” conducted online and offline promotional activities, leading a national happiness discussion among the public.

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