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Ceremony of Blessing

At 12:12 on December 12, VATTI held a grand blessing ceremony in the Industrial Park, the seven founders, Huang Wenzhi, Huang Qijun, Guan Xiyuan, Deng Xinhua, Li Jiakang, Pan Quanzhi, Yang Jianhui, and the whole staff participated the ceremony. Coincided with 20th anniversary of VATTI in 2012, it is with special meaning to hold a blessing ceremony on such a special year and such a special time node. Among the tide of reform and opening up, VATTI is courageous enough to struggle, daring to innovate, knowing how to seize all possible opportunity to develop itself, to upgrade itself. It is significant to witness the growth of VATTI, from the import of VI to the separation of ownership, from the joint-stock reform to the company listing, from the manufacture of the Olympic torch to sailing sponsor, from an unknown screwdriver factory to the leading kitchen brand of China Top Brand.

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