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Lean Training Camp


Lean Office has been constantly in pursuit of innovative learning mode. Since the Lean training camp formally established in October 2011, it has produced a total of 2,609.5 learning-hours among all trainees, and cultivated three Lean members and six backup assistant lean members, completed 25 excellent lean production lesson plans for internal training, and reserved a number of outstanding lean production professionals for lean production. Lean training camp activities were conducted in various forms, combining internal training and external training, topics seminars, case sharing, video teaching and outdoors visit. In order to promote the exchange among students and discus a development planning of lean training camp for next year, the team of lean production project organized an outdoors exercise and communication activity in Lianzhou on January 11, 2013. Under a lively atmosphere, the trainees spoke enthusiastically, providing suggestions to promote the autonomous learning mode of lean production and proposing some methods to consolidate the learning result. With the active participation of trainees, lean production training camp will continue, and it will also provide a platform of learning and exchange for the training of lean production professionals.

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