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Love Cloth from VATTI, A Warm Tibet in Winter

“This winter, it is extraordinarily cold for the 70 students of the Tibetan School of Love Home: they do not have enough clothes to keep warm. We call for your action, to donate excess unused clothing so that they can be given a warm winter ...”- on January 9, this proposal released on VATTI Sina Official Microblog. In just a week, the PR Communication Center received more than 600 pieces of winter clothing, including jacket, scarf, trousers, socks and so on, donated from the company's internal and external interest parties.
School of Love Home, located in Long Pu Temple, Moluo Town, Gongjue County, Qamdo of Tibet, is with a harsh natural conditions. The means of production in this area are extremely backward, leading to a single source of income. More than 70 students of the school do not have enough warming clothes, shivering in the cold everyday, and their health is worried by people.
Although they never met, after the donation proposal has been released, countless phone-call and microblog replies received from caring people. And countless clean cloths neatly carried in boxes or bags were received. Living in company dormitory on workday, Zhu Li deliberately ran back home in Henglan Town, collecting countless cloths which can be seldom worn or whose size do not fit well. She cleaned them together carefully and brought them in a tidy plastic bag to donate. There were also some colleagues came to donate on behalf of their department, went back and forth to PR Communication Center and did not feel a bit tired. There were still many colleagues donated clothing but did not leave a name, or even some colleagues deliberately purchase some new warm clothing for the Tibetan children.

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