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Feature and Purchasing Skills of Built In Oven in China


The Structural Composition of Electric Ovens
Electric oven is composed of cabinet, door, electric heating elements, temperature control and timing device. Most of the housing is made of thin steel sheets, usually double-layer, and the middle space is interlayer filled with air or insulation materials. The door is equipped with a high temperature resistant glass, in order to observe the food baked. The metal tube is made of the far infrared radiation material of the common outer coating of electric components. Generally, the electric ovens have two electric heating elements, and one or two heating elements are installed in the housing side. Temperature control element is bimetal. After the 1980s, electronic temperature control element also has extended gradually. The timing means are commonly clock-spring and electric former timing. The timing range of the former one is within 1 hour, the latter is up to several hours. Some ovens are also equipped with a food tray, and they are driven by the micro-motor, the low-speed rotation, so that food is roasted more uniform. In the early 1980s, there are a variety of computer electric oven brands, and they are composed of the temperature sensors, weight sensors, humidity sensors and microprocessor. They can automatically select the best baking mode according to pre-enter the baking program, so to realize optimization and automation during the baking process.

Characteristics of Ovens
An oven is a sealed electrical appliance or drying product used to bake food, it can divided into household ovens and industrial ovens. Household oven can be used to process some pasta, such as bread, pizza and so on. Industrial ovens are ovens used for drying products in industry. Some of them are electric gas ovens, which are also known as oven drying box. The common built in ovens have several major features: first, most of the hot air circulates inside the oven, and the thermal efficiency is high, so it is energy-saving. Second, use the forced ventilation function, the box inside is equipped with adjustable air board, materials are dried evenly. The heat source can be a wide choice such as steam, hot water, electricity, and far infrared. Third, the noise of the whole machine is little, operation is smooth. Temperature is self-control, installation and maintenance is easy. Four, there is a wide range of application. It can be used to dry various materials. It is a versatile drying equipment. And more importantly, its built-in structure can save a lot of space.

Three Key Points to Buy Electric Oven
First, selection of oven power: The common oven power in the domestic market is generally 500-1500 watts. When choose the oven brand, you should first consider your home amperage meter, the larger the Amps value, the greater the optional power. Based on the selected range allowed in the meter, and then choose according to the household population. Second, selection of oven appearance: such as the beautiful shape and reasonable structure; inner shell and hardware: there should be no glitches, smooth feel and bright, no rust plating layer; the door: the door should switch smoothly, and no stuck phenomenon. Third, the choice of oven types: simple ovens are suitable for common household use; full-function electric oven: full-function electric ovens are generally referred to the ordinary or senior oven. Such electric oven is equipped with a timing device and power shifting device, easy to use; electronic oven: electronic oven market launched a high-end oven product, and this kind of oven is suitable for household use of higher levels of consumption.

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