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China Electric Oven Industry Investment Analysis


hinese Oven Markets Situation
Currently, there is a rapid growth in the domestic electric oven market. In 2006-2008, the three years consecutively achieve an annual growth rate of more than 50% and the total market capacity has quadrupled in three years. But compared with the many Western countries with the penetration rate of 70% -80%, there is still a large market space. Based on the continued rapid development momentum of electric oven, many home appliance giants have forged into the oven industry. Vatti has introduced more than 30 oven products from the formal entry into the electric oven market, and its market share has been steadily rising. With the improvement of living standards, eating and cooking habits of people are gradually changing, and this change has brought new opportunities to the development of kitchen appliances, especially the electric ovens. The oven is a class of products that grasps the rapid rise in the opportunities, which is favored by more and more consumers, and the sales soared all the way. With the increase in product sales, oven brands concentration is also improved. The market share of the market top 5 brands in the past three years has been upgraded to more than 75%.

China Electric Oven Integral Development
Seen from the overall development of the capacity of the small domestic appliance industry, in Europe and the United States, each family has 37 small home appliances. And small appliances when used as household essentials, while the Western electric oven also has the characteristics of fashion and fun, great oven market capacity and replacement demand will be the main exporter of China's enormous market. The Chinese market is huge growth potential market of small household electrical appliance enterprises of Western built in ovens. First, European and American culture is gradually popular in the East, Western small appliances are favored by the increasingly wealthy Chinese residents; Second, the Chinese household appliances ownership is low, the amount of the low average level is about 3 to 4 per family, so there is a huge space for development; Third, China accounted for 20% of the world population, while the small appliance sales in China accounted for only 7.9% of the world, with China's share of the world economy, the rise in the proportion of small household appliance market share will continue to rise. The electric oven, as one of the small Western home electrical appliances, with the continuous improvement of people living environment, the position of the kitchen cabinet is increasingly important, and the resulting innovation and development of kitchen appliances will also gradually cause business emphasis. It is predicted that in 2010-2013 years, the electric oven is expected to replace the microwave to become the mainstream of small kitchen appliances.

Investment Advice for the Oven Manufacturer
The electric oven production enterprises, research units, distribution enterprises and other units if want to accurately understand the oven industry developments, to grasp corporate positioning and development strategy, the oven industry market size and prospects for development, supply and demand conditions, sales analyze situation, practitioners of corporate and national industrial policy, the oven market's current situation as well as the pattern of competition in the industry, clearly know the detailed industry renowned brand marketing model, judge the oven industry's trends. Only by this way, can they develop long-term and appropriate development plan for their own development.



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