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Vatti Becomes Sales Champion of Electric Oven Market


Stable Growth of Vatti Electric Oven Market
The latest statistics from authority shows that the Chinese electric oven market continues to maintain the momentum of rapid development, in the last year, the sales quantity and sales in May respectively increased 47.09% and 56.52%. Vatti, which has been sitting on the China champion of gas stove for 14 years, also begins to get started in the electric oven market, exclusive 28.53% market share and ranks the first, market share and a year-on-year growth rates are far ahead of the ACA, Media and other follow brands, and the sales surged about 15%. Related data shows that: in May 2012, the whole oven market as a whole in volume and retail sales of the chain rose by 7.71% and 11.69% respectively, and the year-on-year growth is up to 47.09% and 56.52% respectively. Vatti OEM built in ovens expands rapidly, ever since it officially develops the Chinese market and till now, its sales and market share has been in a steady increase state.

Market Sale Increase of Vatti Oven
In the economically developed one or two cities, the leading edge of Vatti oven brands
, concentrates on the main consumer groups of high-income people is far more dramatic. Vatti oven sales are more than 5 percent in the Beijing market, the retail market share is 51.3%. According to the introduction of relevant store, Vatti life appliance which positions on the fine line is more focused on consumer demand, this year it develops a series of new oven in line with people spending habits for consumers; and the sale strategy that high-end products with moderate "cost-effective" price also makes competitive advantages. Basically in the store, each sale of 3-4 Vatti ovens, one unit will be sold for other brands.

Vatti Tries to Build Small Appliances Champion
It is understood that, relying on the tension of international brands and strong financial strength, Vatti has a strong independent research and development and independent core supporting capacity on the Vatti life electrical forum and the more competitive products on the gas stove, cabinets and oven. In fact, starting from the end of the third quarter of 2007, small appliance brand has divisived Vatti oven round win in the market and at the same time, there are also a variety of high-cost gas stove, range hood products in the Chinese market sales ranking title standings repeatedly. Insiders pointed out that, Vatti life appliance core competencies are formed based products, electric oven, gas stove, range hood, the sharp market rate of expansion should not be underestimated.


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