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Development of Foreign Electric Ovens


Electric Oven Applications in Foreign Countries
To roast food is one of the everyday cooking ways in many countries. For example, the United States and Europe like to use electric oven to bake pasta; Americas residents like to use oven to roast turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas; consumers in Japan, Korea and other countries like to use ovens to bake food, such as barbecue, grilled fish daily; Northwest China's residents like to use oven to bake barbecue. Compared with cooking and frying, grilled foods taste better, and it is much healthier. The special cooking habits are one of the origins of the birth of a wide variety of niche kitchen appliances. Therefore, electric oven, especially the built in ovens are the common kitchen appliances products of many families in many countries and regions, the size of the market is also growing in China's market in recent years. Because of the function of the differences and different cooking food, ovens are divided into more than one type. The easiest is to simple baked bread, biscuits and other snacks, pasta, small home built in ovens. These products have a very high family usage rate in Europe and the United States.

Oven Use Habits of Different Countries
There are different built in ovens factory or brands in different markets. In Europe and the United States and other countries, because people like to use the oven to roast turkey and other bulky foods, and the food can be baked without open flames, so the oven volume of most of these countries is relatively large, the performance is more superior. In Japan, people like to use oven to grilled fish and other food, they want to grilled food in the baking process, try to discharge oil contained in the body, in order to protect the health of the human body. So, the Japanese pay more attention to the function of the development of the electric oven. Japanese families have the traditions that like to eat teppanyaki food. With the improvement of people's health awareness, the air pollution generated in the teppanyaki carbon used in the cooking process, and it can only bake flat-food, in such circumstance, electric oven gradually come into Japanese family. And the oven home ownership rate is also very high.

Smart Vapor Electric in Japan
In the electric oven market in Japan, the popularity of the product is priced at about three hundred RMB. This price range products only have basic product features, and they meet the requirements of an average family. High-end products are at the price of ten thousand RMB. The price range of products is intelligent. Steam-electric oven mostly fall into this price. Steam oven first uses the 100 °C steam to heat food, and then use 300 °C high-temperature to steam in the heating and at the same time, the food grease is dissolved, so that the animal fats and oils will overflow. In this process, the use of the steam can drain away the oxygen within the oven, in the case of the low oxygen density cooking food, help to reduce the rapid decomposition due to oxidation caused by nutritional and sufficiently retain the moisture of the food roast, until food made from delicious tender of coke.


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