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Turn Around the Promotion Road of built in ovens made in china


Existing Problem of Oven Industry
The total retail market value of China electric oven is about 200 million RMB. This shows that after years’ of marketing promotion, the oven market development is still not satisfactory. Vatti is one of several well-known domestic oven export enterprises, and its export volume reaches 600 million RMB. With the slowdown of the increase in the foreign market, Vatti starts to open up the domestic market. However, the embarrassment of small household electrical appliances is still the biggest confusion in the oven and many other brands. As for many professional enterprises, the problems they are facing have a lot of commonality, one is electric oven capacity advantage turns into the domestic sales power; and the other is the acceptable form of promotion that consumer can accept? And another is the high-level thinking of export enterprises and the domestic market cannot achieve docking. Some of these problems are a common problem of the Chinese export enterprises.

Promotion Problem of Electric Oven
Thought for many foreign families, 24 Inch Built In Ovens are the standard equipment of kitchens, but this product promotion is unhurried in domestic market. What can be sure almost is the oven market still will have larger development space in the future. The industry believes that the main reason of the sluggish growth of the oven is, on the one hand, lack of a strong push for big brands; and the other is they don’t find good ways to promote the products. Over these years, each small appliance introduced from overseas develops well in China is contributed to the promotion of the big brands. For example, when the microwave oven initially enters the market, the Chinese people does not endorse this product, and then Galanz did market speculation by big efforts to inform consumers of microwave heating fast and simple characteristics, and consumers accept the product finally.

Importance of Promotion to Large Oven Enterprises
Electric oven, as for China's small household appliance industry, due to its higher manufacturing cost and technology, manufacturing enterprises are not many, and most of them are professional export-oriented enterprises. In 2008, in the context of the financial crisis, the export-oriented electric built in ovens factory had the intention to shift to the domestic market, but due to the high cost of channels promotion, and the fatigue of promotion, these brands do not see the development of a thriving market in the domestic market. On the contrary, some big brands with great strength will not take big efforts to promote and speculate the market if they don’t see the scale of domestic oven market. In the media-developed age, a new product in order to enter the big family, it has to rely on a variety of propaganda means, such as the network publicity, TV cooking show support, and news hot speculation.

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