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Chinese Electric Oven Market is Quickly Expanding


Development Inevitability of Electric Ovens
Electric oven, in this most populous country, has become a kind of hot-sell food machinery. Vatti company's oven sales also increase year by year. Everyone knows that, birthday cake making process cannot be separated from electric oven, electric oven can be said to be one of our greatest human inventions, and it can also be said to be the oldest food machinery and equipment. In medieval times, human beings have the presence of the oven, and barley bread is also the most popular kind of food at that time. To today's society, electric oven almost become one of the indispensable household appliances. We can see the figure of the ovens in the bakery and Western restaurants, supermarkets, and the usual wide variety of bread and fragrant thick aroma of pastries comes from the electric oven. Vatti built in ovens soon becomes a large company in the industry due to its amazing ability of R & D, production and sales in a few years. And people all over the country know the Vatti oven products. Today, Vatti oven also occupies a large part of the overseas market share.

Large Domestic Market Demand of Electric Oven
Electric oven has the features and advantages of no smoke, no dust, and no open flame. What's more, it can remove excess fat of the meat. And it will not induce cancer, as well as equipped with the temperature-controlled and easy to operate features. With the pursuit of quality life, the oven has been an increasing popular home appliance of a larger number of consumers of all ages. With the pursuit of cooking fashion of electric oven, the sales of electric oven are increasing all the way. In the domestic market, the oven has changed from "the luxury of the rich" to the homes of ordinary people's daily necessities". And nowadays, there are a wide range of oven brands increasing day by day. According to the PRC statistics, the domestic electric oven market gets rapid growth, the annual growth rate is more than 50% in the past three years, and the total capacity of the market has quadrupled in three years.

Good Market Prospects of Energy-saving Oven
The practice of energy saving and environmental protection, and promotion of low-power small home appliances is the development trend of appliance industry now. We are pleased to see that more consumers develop a visionary brand companies, including Vatti, which is the first application of the energy-saving products, by using the energy saving and environmental protection technology, and the innovation through science and technology, to provide consumers with a more low-carbon oven products, and a low-carbon healthy lifestyle. China's manufacturing enterprises are actively changing from "Made in China" to "Create in China".

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