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Large Market Potential of Built in Ovens in China

Built-in Oven Popularity in Different Countries
As we all know that, the electric oven is the necessary kitchen appliances for many ordinary families in Europe and the United States and other Western countries, the home ownership rate in the United States and Europe is the highest. According to a survey that in the families with a variety of small appliances and diverse in Germany, the built-in oven home ownership rate is about 84%. This figure, in big cities like Beijing, is reduced to 14.5%. These two figures show that, on the one hand, the oven’s home ownership rate is very low in China, as well as instructions oven in China's market is still in its infancy. In other words, the built-in oven is a kind of products gradually coming into Chinese ordinary families. But, on the contrary, in Germany, built in ovens product ownership rate is high, but it lacks growth in the market. According to the relevant data, current annual growth rate of electric oven is around 60%, in the next few years, it will maintain a high growth momentum.

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Electric Oven Applications in Different Countries
There are various electric oven brands in different markets globally, and of course there are different types of concrete products. In Europe and the United States and other countries, because people like to use electric oven to roast turkey and other bulky foods, and it can be baked without open flames, most of these countries oven volume is relatively large, and the performance is more superior. In Japan, people like to use the electric oven to grill fish and other food, and they want to grill food in the baking process. The oven can try to discharge oil contained in the body, so as to protect the health of the human body. Therefore, the Japanese pay more attention to the function of the development of the electric oven. Baked food is delicious, and healthy. In fact, China is one of the earliest countries to bake foods, and the world-famous Beijing roast duck is baked in the different way with foreign countries, but the oven in our country has a very broad diet base. In China's large and medium-sized cities, electric oven, with the improvement of people's quality of life, begins to enter many families.

Comparison of Electric Oven and Microwave Oven When mentioned electric oven, a lot of people will think of microwave ovens, in fact, the microwave oven is an electric oven. Except that it is different from the traditional sense of the oven heating. Microwave heats food by microwave, so that the water molecules of the food produce shocks and achieves the purpose of heating. While the traditional sense of the electric oven is heated with hot light waves and relies on thermal radiation. Electric oven, microwave oven and electric baking oven and other products are used to grill food, just the heating ways are different. Therefore, it does not have the problem that which product is good and bad, but they have their own strengths. Such as use microwave oven to heat soups food, it will be very quick, because microwave oven heats the inside and outside at the same time. While the electric oven heats foods by chattering light wave radiation, it first heats the surface of the baked food, in the whole process.

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