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Use Notes of Household Electric Oven

As we know that, household electric oven is one of the most importance household appliances in many families, and all appliances work through the application of electrical energy, then there are something need to be aware of the problems which occurred during usual application, so that the appliances are able to work better and more attention is paid to the electricity safety.

What to Do If the Oven & Food Don't Heat Up?
The case that the household built in ovens and the food in the oven do not heat up after the oven is open for long, this is sometimes may happen. At this moment, what you need to do is that: (1) Check the fuse to see whether it is broken, if the fuse is broken and failure, then it should be excluded. And then check to see whether the plug is inserted firmly, stigma and jack are closely integrated or not. Then check to see whether the power cord is broken or not. (2) Check to see whether the tubular heaters are well connected or not. Use the two terminals of the multimeter test heater to identify it, if disconnect discovered, then the electric tube should be replaced. (3) Check the each contact of the temperature regulator and the timer, if the contact is in a poor contact state, such as the distance is too large, the movable contact and the stationary contact are not brought into close contact, this situation, in fact, is equal to the disconnection, and then you need to connect them with the two contact points. After repeated contact, the contact point may generate spark and result in the ablation phenomenon, this will also affect electricity and the oven will not heat up.

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What to Do If the Oven Fuse is Broken?
Nowadays, the oven brands in the market are various, but the principle is the same no matter what kind of oven brand it is, and the application cautions are similar. When using the electric oven, after plugging the power plug, the oven fuse immediately blows, this failure is often caused because the fuse capacity is too small. If the home meter power is much greater than the power of the electric oven, and the fuse is too small, then you may replace it by a larger fuse. But if there are several big power equipments are in use, such as the electric irons, electric fans, washing machine, and hair dryer, all the load capacity is more than the meter of electricity consumption at the same time, in order to use the electric oven, you must stop the use of other electrical appliances. And other electrical power should be cut off, and then replace the fuse it will be OK.

How to Prevent the Electric Oven from Being on Fire?
The electric oven works directly through its internal nickel-chromium alloy or iron-chromium alloy resistance wire or infrared heating. Currently, many barbecue shop and families also use an electric oven to roast pigs, geese, and other toast food processing. The electric oven, especially the infrared oven has the features of fast heating speed, less power loss and high quality heating, so it is deeply popular with users. But at the same time, due to its large power consumption, and higher working temperature, it can easily cause a fire accident. Most users should attach great importance to oven fire safety. Before using the oven, check the security situation seriously and find that the failure to timely maintenance; during a power outage or after use, you must cut off the power to avoid electric oven in working condition in the case of unattended. Strictly control the temperature and time depending on the nature of the baked object so as to avoid disposable long baking time, and lead to too high temperature and cause fire.

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